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Gifts and Bequests

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1. The Desire of the Donor is Paramount

The desire of each donor with respect to his or her gift shall at all times be meticulously observed by CTCA to every extent practicable.

2. To Honor an Individual

Any gift or bequest may. be named in honor of the donor or anyone he or she may wish to choose.

3. Unrestricted Gifts

The CTCA welcomes unrestricted gifts and bequests. The wise trusteeship of unrestricted gifts gives the CTCA Board of Governors maximum flexibility to adjust readily to changing future needs and conditions in the CTCA's service to the Cairn Terrier breed.

4. Restricted Gifts

Gifts and bequests may be restricted by a donor for use in any specific area or program of the CTCA, including, but not limited to research, education, or specific projects. Where a donor wishes to place a restriction upon the use of his or her gift or bequest for a specific program, it is suggested that the legal instrument empower the CTCA, after a certain number of years (such as 5, 10, on 15), to evaluate the restriction, and, if the original purpose for which the gift was made is no longer relevant, to redesignate its purpose to an appropriate alternate use.

Donors may wish to consider gifts to the Foundation of the Cairn Terrier Club of America, which is a separate organization from the CTCA. The CTCA Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under §501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The CTCA Foundation funds a variety of research and educational programs involving the Cairn Terrier Breed. Donations to the Foundation are generally tax-deductible to the donor.

5. Confidentiality

All information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their name, the names of their beneficiaries, and the amount and nature of their gift, shall be kept strictly confidential by the CTCA unless the donor wishes to release such information.

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Any form of property for which a definite value can be established, and which is marketable, is welcomed and sincerely appreciated. Examples include real property, both improved and unimproved, encumbered or unencumbered; works of art; jewelry and precious stones; life insurance policies; personal property of various classifications, including merchandise, automobiles, boats, and airplanes; notes and deeds of trust secured by real property; closely held securities; office machinery and equipment; stock in trade and virtually any other type of marketable, valuable asset.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Endowed Funds

The CTCA accepts bequests and gifts on an endowment basis from charitably-minded persons and entities that desire to extend and perpetuate their influence and their interest in the CTCA’s programs.

The CTCA may be designated as the charitable recipient of funds created as part of their personal estate planning program. The CTCA encourages individuals to contact CTCA regarding specific legal steps that will facilitate such gifts and ensure that they meet the intent of the donor.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Procedural Considerations by Donor

Use of Professional Counsel

Donors are urged to seek their own independent legal and/or accounting counsel in matters relating to endowment fund gifts and bequests and deferred gifts, particularly with reference to tax consequences and estate planning.

The CTCA shall depend upon advice of its legal and tax counsel for all matters pertaining to deferred gift agreements.

Any "deferred gift agreement" as that term is defined by the IRS must be approved by the CTCA’s legal or tax counsel.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + CTCA Procedures

1. Administration; Compliance with Law

The trusteeship and administration of all CTCA programs concerning gifting, disposition of assets, and investments shall be in accordance with the requirements of state and federal laws which pertain thereto.

2. Protection of Donor’s Interest

Good trusteeship requires that the intent of the donor be a paramount consideration in the acceptance of any gift. Therefore, every estate plan, trust agreement, contract or other gift commitment must be fully protective of the donor’s intent as well as beneficial to the work of the CTCA.

3. Acceptance of Gifts And Bequests

All gifts and bequests to CTCA shall be received by or under the direction of the CTCA President on behalf of the CTCA Board of Governors. The CTCA President shall immediately notify the CTCA Board of Governors and the entire membership of the receipt of the gift, and arrange for the safe storage and disposition of the items. Any CTCA officer or member receiving a gift or bequest intended for the CTCA shall immediately notify the CTCA President and Board of Governors to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Policy.

4. Disposition of Gifts

If acceptable to the donor, Gifts may be sold by the CTCA. The purpose of any such sale will be to create cash for CTCA programs consistent with any of the expressed wishes of the donor. Any such sale shall be made in an open, commercially reasonable manner designed to generate full value for the items sold. Items of uncertain, but likely substantial value, and all other items exceeding $1,000.00 in value shall be appraised in writing by an experienced and otherwise qualified appraiser prior to sale. All CTCA members shall be notified of the time, place, appraisal value (if any) of items to be sold, and methodology of any such sale in advance of the sale.

5. Authorization; No Personal Interest

The President and others specifically designated by the CTCA Board of Governors are authorized to negotiate deferred gift plans and other arrangements with prospective donors. If necessary or appropriate to the proper administration of this Policy, the CTCA may employ legal counsel or a certified public accountant.

No officer or member of the CTCA shall receive have any personal interest or receive any form of commission or other payment connected with any gift or bequest.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Review of Policy

This Policy may be modified only by resolution duly adopted by the CTCA Board of Governors.

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